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开元888官网:更爱小苹果 iPhone6销量3倍于Plus

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本文摘要:Within a month of Apples latest handsets going on sale, figures have revealed its customers flocked to buy the smaller model.在苹果新款iPhone上市一个月的时间里,数据表明更好的消费者自由选择了iPhone 6。

Within a month of Apples latest handsets going on sale, figures have revealed its customers flocked to buy the smaller model.在苹果新款iPhone上市一个月的时间里,数据表明更好的消费者自由选择了iPhone 6。The iPhone 6 accounted for 68 per cent of all sales through September and into early October, while its larger model took between 23 and 24 per cent.在这第一个月的总销量里iPhone 6占到68%,而iPhone 6 plus只占到23%到24%。

Apples cheaper iPhone 5S and 5C handsets made up the rest of the sales.其它是价格比较低廉的iPhone 5s和iPhone 5c。Following last years launch, the 5S and 5C accounted for 84 per cent of total iPhone sales in the first 30 days - proving the 6 range is more popular.去年5S和5C上市头四个星期的销量占iPhone总销量的84%。由此可以显现出,消费者对苹果6系列的手机产品更加感兴趣。

The figures come from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIPR) analyst Steven Milunovich.这份数据来自消费者情报研究合作伙伴(CIPR)的分析师史蒂文·米卢诺维奇。He also noted that more people are buying larger models of the devices, in terms of storage, with the average capacity reported as 48GB.史蒂文还认为,更好的人偏向自由选择存储容量大的版本。消费者平均值出售的存储容量为48GB。

As Apple Insider points out, this is almost double last years figure, but may be due to the fact Apple has removed the 32GB model from the range, offering a 16GB, 64GB and 128GB as standard.这个数据也比去年快速增长了近1倍,原因有可能是今年苹果退出了32GB的版本,iPhone 6 plus的标准存储容量为16GB、64GB以及128GB。A separate CIPR report, from analysts Joshua Lowitz and Michael Levin, found that fewer people switched from Android to iOS this year, compared to last year.另一份来自CIPR分析师约书亚·洛维茨和迈克尔·莱文的报告找到,与去年比起,今年退出安卓而改用IOS的人较较少。In September 2013, 23 per cent of iPhone customers said they had previously owned an Android phone, but this year the figure was closer to 12 per cent.去年9月份,有23%的iPhone消费者称之为他们之前用的都是安卓手机的系统,而今年这个数字相似于12%。

But, it explained that although there were fewer people making the switch, those who did, chose the more expensive iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, rather than the iPhone 5C and 5S.但是这也指出,虽然退出用于安卓手机的人较少了,但只要要求改用iPhone的人都自由选择了比较较贵的苹果6系列而不是5S或5C。Typically, Android owners opt for cheaper iPhones - but this year was an exception.一般来说安卓手机的用户都会自由选择价格比较较低廉的iPhone系列,而今年是个值得注意。

In a survey, 57 per cent of shoppers intended to buy the iPhone Plus; with the larger screen, as well as the storage options, cited as the main driving forces.在一项调查中,有57%的消费者曾回应更加不愿卖iPhone 6 Plus,主要因为它的屏幕更大,存储容量也有更加多自由选择。Prior to the release, the firm said it expected customers would ‘overwhelmingly’ prefer the smaller iPhone 6 - seen as the direct upgrade to the iPhone 5S.公布新品之前,苹果公司曾期望着大多数消费者不会自由选择屏幕比较较小的、可以看作是5SUltra的iPhone 6。Figures from marketing firm Localytics earlier this month, however, reported a skew in the opposite direction.但是本月初营销平台Localytics得出的数据结果则恰好相反。By studying app usage and analytics across a range of devices, its figures show the iPhone 6 taking 6 per cent market share, compared to the Plus model’s one per cent.通过对应用于使用量的研究以及对一些佩应用于的分析,得出结论的数据指出iPhone 6所占到市场份额为6%,而Plus只占到1%。

Currently, last year’s iPhone 5S is the most popular model among consumers at 27 per cent of all iPhones.而苹果5S目前在消费者中最热门,所占到市场份额为27%。Following the launch in September, Apple reported it sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models over the first weekend.今年9月公布新品后,苹果公司报告称之为6系列一周内就变卖了1000万台。This beat the previous record of 9 million for last years iPhone 5S and 5C.这超越了去年5S和5C的900万台的记录。During initial benchmark tests by Anandtech, the iPhone 6 was found to have the fastest web browsing and page loading times on any device, just ahead of the iPhone 6 Plus.根据Anandtech最开始的基准测试,iPhone 6网页网页的速度和页面读取的速度都是最慢的,比Plus还慢。

The iPhone 6 also performed well in graphics testing, coming second with an average frame per second rate of 49.5. This was only behind the NVIDIA Shield tablet, on 57.1.iPhone 6的图像测试结果也非常好,平均值帧速率超过49.5,分列在第二位。分列在第一位的英伟达平板电脑。

The iPhone 5S was third, on 40.2, followed by the iPhone 6 Plus on 34.4.5S分列第三,iPhone 6 Plus位列其后。Furthermore, the display on the iPhone 6 Plus was praised by experts at DisplayMate, who called the screen ‘the best performing smartphone LCD’ the site has ever tested.另外iPhone 6 Plus的显示屏获得了DisplayMate的专家的赞扬,并被称作为测试的所有产品中“最差的智能手机LCD屏”。






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